The information-paradox visualized in the 'Horn Of Plenty'

World Wide Web - The promised medium where everyone would be able to find anything at the click of a button. But because of this all this data it's pretty hard to find what you are looking for. And even when you find what you where looking for you don't know if it's true or not.
With this installation we want to  create awareness of the downside of all this information and set out to create a huge internet spitting projection mapping sculpture and depth-stereo sound design

interactive video mapping installation

Trees exhale the oxygen we breathe and inhale the carbon we emit. Be the Tree highlights this symbiotic relationship between man and nature through an interactive video installation. In exchange for a breath of air against a propeller, the installation lights the users face on the crown of a blossoming forest giant through the magical technique of video projection mapping

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we spun Neon fluorescent lines and used projection mapping to visualize the fluids running through the mushroom 'roots'
Installed at Mandala Festival, Into the Woods, Helldorado and Mystic Tribe


Unearthing the microfungi network that connects all the trees in the forest and provides nutrients

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